“Today, I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Mike Coffman for Mayor of the City of Aurora. I’ve known Mike for over 35 years and I know that he will make a great mayor because he has the leadership, the dedication, and the vision to keep our city moving in the right direction.” read more


Bob Legare, Aurora Mayor




“One candidate’s experience stands out amongst this impressive group: Mike Coffman. … Mike Coffman has unique state and federal relationships that will help him attract key infrastructure and transportation funding, which will be an asset for the city.” read more


Doug Friednash, Denver Post Columnist, Former State Representative and Chief of Staff to Governor John Hickenlooper




“Mike Coffman['s] ... qualifications far surpass those we typically see among candidates for local office. Few cities will have an opportunity to elect leadership this this well-qualified. … Under Coffman's proven leadership, Aurora's present and future will shine bright.” read more




“... none match the outstanding high-level experience of former Congressman Mike Coffman who has served in the state legislature, as state treasurer, and in the United States Congress.” read more


Bob Sweeney, Owner and Publisher of The Villager newspaper




“I know that he will continue to be a strong advocate for our students, parents, teachers, and staff as the next Mayor for Aurora.  I’m proud to endorse Mike Coffman for Aurora Mayor.” read more


Harry Bull, former Cherry Creek School District Superintendent




“I know that Mike Coffman, as Aurora’s next Mayor, will continue to do everything he can to be a great partner for Aurora Public Schools, and that’s why he’s earned my endorsement.”


John Barry, former Aurora Public School District Superintendent




“Mike Coffman has the ability to bring people together to get things done, which is critical to being an effective mayor.” read more


Bruce Benson, former University of Colorado President




“I'm proud to endorse Mike Coffman for Mayor of the City of Aurora. ... I will always be grateful for his work in Congress to mandate mental health care for all of our returning combat veterans.” read more


Dr. Randy Stith, former executive director of Aurora Mental Health Center




“I’m honored to endorse Mike Coffman for Mayor for the City of Aurora. I’ve admired Mike ever since I first met him in 1983, right after he came home from the Marines and started a small business and became very active in our community. Mike fully understands that public safety has to be his top priority and that every resident of our city has a right to feel safe, regardless of where they live in Aurora.” read more


Nadine Caldwell, Former Aurora City Councilwoman




“I’ve known Mike Coffman since he came home from the Marines and started an Aurora-based property management firm in 1983. What first impressed me about Mike was how involved he was in our city. I don’t think I could go to a City Council meeting or to a community event without running into Mike. He was everywhere. I’m honored to endorse Mike Coffman for Mayor of the City of Aurora. It’s hard to find anyone more dedicated to the City of Aurora than Mike Coffman. I know that he will make a great mayor because of his love for Aurora and his record of leadership in making a difference in the military, in business, and in government.” read more


Dennis Champine, Former Aurora Mayor




“I’m supporting Mike Coffman because I know that he cares deeply about our first responders and he will make public safety his top priority if he’s elected Mayor for the City of Aurora. Mike Coffman alone has the experience, leadership and determination to make a difference for Aurora. Firefighters understand what sacrifice and dedication to duty really mean. So does Mike Coffman. He spent 21 years in the military. No other candidate running for Aurora Mayor has the experience that Mike Coffman has in understanding how a large organization, like the Aurora Fire Department, functions. His background as a leader in the military, in business, and in government makes him uniquely qualified to lead our city as the next Mayor of Aurora” read more


Mike Garcia, Retired Aurora Fire Chief




“We believe your experience, roots and dedication uniquely equip you to make a difference for Aurora on the issues facing our city. We need a Mayor who is committed to working with law enforcement to reduce crime and protect our schools and neighborhoods. We believe you are that candidate, and we look forward to working with you to take Aurora’s public safety to the next level. The Fraternal Order of Police strongly encourages Aurora voters to support Mike Coffman for Aurora Mayor.” read more


Jason Presley, President of Arapahoe FOP, Lodge 31




“Mike Coffman is uniquely qualified and committed to taking Aurora's public safety to the next level. Mike's story is one of defending our country and making a difference for Aurora. As Mayor, Mike is committed to always make sure that law enforcement has the resources we need to protect our neighborhoods, protect our schools, and to bring down Aurora's crime rate.” read more


Marc Sears, Aurora Lodge 49 FOP Police President




“Today, I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Mike Coffman for Mayor of the City of Aurora. I’ve known Mike since 2000, when I began serving as the Adjutant General for the Colorado National Guard and Mike was the State Treasurer. I’ve always been deeply impressed with his understanding of the military and the needs of Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora’s largest employer with an economic impact to the City of Aurora of over $1 billion a year. Mike Coffman’s background, experience and understanding is second to none when it comes to military and veterans’ issues. Mike served as an enlisted soldier, a Marine officer, and on both the Veterans Affairs Committee and the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mike led the effort in Congress to secure funding from the U.S. Air Force’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) program to buy 1,000 acres outside the base, to create a bigger buffer between the surrounding neighborhoods and the base. This will not only help maintain community support for Buckley’s flying mission, but it will also provide outdoor recreational opportunities with the added open space for Aurora.” read more


Mason Whitney, Retired Colorado National Guard Major General





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